About UMSA (Universal MAME Softwarelist Archive)

The goal is to combine all software lists and the MAME listxml output into one manually improved united software and hardware list. This list tries to sum up all ports, conversions, remakes and sometimes clones and homebrews which are in MAME for the same software title. The idea behind this is simple: Choose the software and you directly see all machines on which it is available.

At the moment only a little showcase Kodi Mediacenter Add-On supports this ini, the UMSA MAME Surfer (note that it is not a full fledged frontend, but more a simple way to 'surf' through the MAME library and has of course some bugs). The thing is that the notation is different to other ini files which only contain sets from the mame listxml output. For a list across all MAME xmls we need to know the software list, so swl:set is used. An example would be nes:dkong or mame:pacman. This notation is often seen in the sharedfeature requirement in the xmls. To use umsa.ini a frontend needs a dialog to map the softwarelist to one of the compatible MAME machines. Hopefully other frontends will support this notation in the future.

About this site

To maintain the umsa.ini, umsa_series.ini and software list based ini files for categories and number of players this website was created. It's trying to keep everything as simple as possible and avoids any fancy techniques.
The resulting ini files are updated daily and can be downloaded here:

umsa_series.ini (based on ProgettoSnaps series.ini and extended to software lists)
software list ini files for categories and number of players


Thanks go to AntoPisa from www.progettosnaps.net for all the artwork, icons, snaps and ini files, also to nomax from nplayers.arcadebelgium.be for nplayers.ini
and of course to the MAME Team and all it's surrounding contributers for the wonderful experience.

Contact: sparrowred16 at this gmail thing com


Parents / Clones: 149388 / 69444
Abstracted software / machines: 95806 / 2090

Software lists: 85% are not classified and 89% have no player info

Entries with lots of ports: After Burner | Arkanoid | Asteroids | Backgammon | Baseball | Batman | Blackjack | Boulder Dash | Bubble Bobble | Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom | CP/M 2.2 | California Games | Centipede | Chase H.Q. | Chess | Choplifter | Columns | Commando | Congo Bongo | Defender | Dig Dug | Donkey Kong | Double Dragon | Double Dragon II - The Revenge | Dragon's Lair | Elite | F-15 Strike Eagle | Football | Frogger | Galaga | Galaxian | Gauntlet | Ghostbusters | Golf | Gradius | Hangman | Invaders | Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off-Road | Jeopardy! | Joust | Klax | Labyrinth | Lemmings | Lode Runner | Lunar Lander | Manic Miner | Mappy | Marble Madness | Mario Bros. | Miner 2049er - Starring Bounty Bob | Monopoly | Moon Patrol | Ms. Pac-Man | Nobunaga's Ambition | Othello | Pac-Land | Pac-Man | Pac-Mania | Paperboy | Pengo | Pinball | Poker | Pole Position | Popeye | Populous | Prince of Persia | Puyo Puyo | Puyo Puyo 2 | Puzznic | Q*bert | Reversi | RoboCop | Robotron: 2084 | Shanghai | Soccer | Space Harrier | Space Invaders | Spy Hunter | Star Trek | Star Wars | Street Fighter II - The World Warrior | Strider | Super Cobra | Tennis | Terminator 2 - Judgment Day | The Addams Family | Thexder | Ultima IV - Quest of the Avatar | Wheel of Fortune | Wizardry - Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord | WordStar | Xevious | Zaxxon | Zork I - The Great Underground Empire | Zork II - The Wizard of Frobozz |